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A new life, and new tricks, for an abused pit bull

Curious George, the young pit bull found starving on a Delaware County road, will be spending the holidays in his new home.

Curious George, the young pit bull found starving on a Delaware County road, will be spending the holidays in his new home.

On Tuesday, the pooch was presented to his new owners, Aimee and Eric Tysarczyk of Bryn Mawr, before a horde of photographers and reporters who captured every doggy smooch on camera. George took the event in stride, even showing off some new tricks for the crowd.

The Montgomery County couple had been looking to adopt a dog when they spotted George's photo and story on the Delaware County SPCA website.

The emaciated pup weighed only 35 pounds when he was found wandering along a Lower Chichester road by a good Samaritan and brought to the Media shelter in late October.

It was touch and go for about two weeks before shelter staff knew the adorable and very curious - hence the name - dog would survive. He was fed a special diet every two hours until he began to recover. The pooch now weighs a healthy 70 pounds, said Justina Calgiano, director of community relations at the Delaware County SPCA.

Tips from the community led investigators to George's previous owner.

Lamont Alexander, 28, of Morton, has been charged with two counts of cruelty to animals. His first court appearance is Dec. 19. Each citation of animal cruelty carries a maximum of 90 days of jail time and a fine ranging from $50-$750.

Readers, some from as far away as California, were able to follow his progress on Facebook with the almost daily postings and pictures. More than 250 "liked" or offered congratulations when the Tysarczyks were picked as George's new family.

George captured the heart of the shelter workers as well.

"He was spoiled rotten here," said Calgiano. The staff, she said, fell for the pooch. Because of his fragile condition, they would do little to discipline him when he broke the rules.

But all that needed to change if he was going to be adopted.

After a ton of TLC and lots of treats - peanut butter and hot dogs - George was officially put up for adoption.

Part of the donations for George's care were used as a scholarship to Perfect Pooch in King of Prussia. It would be a finishing school for the rambunctious dog.

During his stay, George learned the usual doggy commands of sit, down, heel, come and crawl. The trainers worked on keeping him from jumping up on people, excessive barking, and worked on easing his separation anxiety, said Calgiano.

Eric Tysarczyk, an attorney, said his family had pit bulls. "When they are raised right, they are good dogs," he said.

Aimee Tysarczyk, who works from home in public relations, said they will bring George by the SPCA to visit with old friends.

While George is well on his way to a nice life, the shelter was presented with seven new charges in need.

A litter of German shepherd/Labrador mix puppies, some needing medical care, were found in a crate abandon on the side of Route 291 in Chester. The two couples who found them brought them in to the shelter on Tuesday.

"Once they get some nourishment in their bellies we expect them to rebound pretty quickly," she said.

Shelter staff has named them Buddy the Elf, Kris, Dancer, Comet, Donner, Blitzen and, Rudolph.

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