After the death of her mother last Friday, 30-year-old Clara Rodriguez is scrambling to raise the $7,560 needed to pay for a proper burial.

Clara Scheiderman, 50, of North Philadelphia, passed away on July 27, leaving behind six children and 12 grandchildren. She worked at the front desk of the Salvation Army on Allegheny Avenue near Jasper Street in Kensington for 12 years.

Rodriguez said that Greenmount Cemetary is charging $3,360 for the burial while Compagnola Family Funeral Home is charging $4,200.

"We only have until Monday. The funeral home said they can't hold her much longer because her body will start to deteriorate. They already embalmed her body," she said.

Although Scheiderman had life insurance, the family is unable to use it because the beneficiary is Scheiderman's nephew, who is only 13 years old.

So Rodriguez has turned to accepting donations from her neighbors and co-workers as well as senior citizens at the Salvation Army who "loved" Scheiderman. So far, they have raised approximately $3,000.

"I've even been going into the street with a box with her picture on it," Rodriguez sighed. "I work, but I can't come up with that much money by myself."

She added that she had to sell eight family rings.