The next time Samantha Pawlucy returns to school, her father said, it won't be Charles Carroll High.

Pawlucy is at the center of controversy for accusing her math teacher of publicly humiliating her for wearing a Romney/Ryan t-shirt to school Sept. 28. Her father, Richard, said her return to school Tuesday was so uncomfortable that the three high-school children in his home will not return to Carroll.

Instead, he said by phone this morning, the family will transfer their children, possibly to a charter school.

State representative John Taylor's office is helping with the transfer, Richard Pawlucy said.

The sixteen-year-old's return to the Port Richmond school was highly anticipated, with veterans, politicians and local residents welcoming her at a rally outside the school entrance.

But the sophomore student never made it to class, her father said, running into the school offices because she felt uncomfortable with the students around her in the hallways.

Lynette Gaymon, the teacher who made the controversial remarks, is set to have a hearing soon to determine what happens next as part of the district's investigation.

Gaymon returned briefly to the school Tuesday, addressing the student body directly and reading from an apology letter.

What drew Gaymon to the school is unclear. Richard Pawlucy and Wally Zimolong, the Pawlucy family's lawyer, said Gaymon's appearance came after she failed to uphold the terms of an agreement reached Monday.

Philadelphia Federation of Teachers President Jerry Jordan disagreed and said Gaymon always intended to write a letter to be read by teachers at the school. Gaymon went to the school of her own accord, Jordan said Tuesday, wanting to address students to calm tensions.