A Bucks County woman found herself last week with 30,000 reasons to not do the right thing, but in the end she was $1,000 richer for her good will.

Carol Sutor, of Bristol, came across some secondhand clothes that had $30,000 in cash stuffed inside, according to a report on phillyburbs.com Tuesday.

It didn't take her long to decide what to do.

"I had to give it back," Sutor told the website. "I believe in karma."

The money belonged to a woman who had recently died at 85 years old, according to the report, and Sutor's cousin, who was related to the deceased woman, had asked if Sutor wanted some of the clothes for her mother.

Looking through some outfits, Suter found a canvas bag on a hangar.

"So I unwrapped the bag, and there was another bag in another bag in another bag, one of those deals, you know?" she told phillyburbs.

Lo and behold, she discovered hundreds of $100 bills.

Upon returning the money to her cousin— who passed it on to a son of the deceased woman — Sutor, who owns Advantage Insurance on New Falls Road in Levittown, was greeted with a $1,000 gift for her kindness.

"[My cousin] calls her son-in-law, whose mother the money belonged to, you know, and tells him what happened. And you know what? Ten minutes later my cousin comes back and hands me $1,000 of the money. Her son-in-law said 'thank you' for returning his mother's money," Sutor said.

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