Part celebration, part battle cry, Philadelphia LGBT leaders held a rally at Independence Mall following Supreme Court rulings Wednesday that shot down a crucial section of the federal Defense of Marriage Act (DOMA) and sent back an appeal over a California prohibition of gay marriage.

"When I came out 30 years ago to myself, when I came out 30 years ago to myself, I never thought this day was possible," Green said near Market Street between Independence Hall and the Constitution Center. "We will get this through. The path is clear. The road is clear."

Neither Pennsylvania nor New Jersey allow same-sex marriage currently, but the ruling open the door for questions about the protections of rights for same-sex couples married in other states now living in either of the states.

Malcolm Lazin of Equality Forum in Philadelphia said he expects that issue to find its way into Pennsylvania and New Jersey courts.

"My expectation is that will be the subject of future litigation," said Malcolm Lazin, executive director of the Philadelphia-based Equality Forum.