Concert promoters and the city are still a long way from working out logistics for the Labor Day weekend Made in America music festival unveiled Monday, the first Parkway event ever to require paid admission.

But with audiences limited to 50,000 people each day, the festival will be just one-tenth of the estimated size of past Parkway mega-events, like the Live 8 concert to help African nations and Elton John's July Fourth appearance for AIDS relief, both in 2005.

"If you compare this to Wawa Welcome America, we have hundreds of thousands there for that event, so we have a bit of a track record there to guide all of the agencies - the police, L&I, the managing director's office, Public Property, and others - that would be participating in something like this," said Mayor Nutter's press secretary, Mark McDonald.

"Essentially," McDonald continued, "we're going to deliver the same kind of services on this smaller footprint, a fenced-in area with a stage at the base of the steps of the Art Museum."

Planning for the Sept. 1-2 event, the Saturday and Sunday of Labor Day weekend, has been going on