Dr. Ravi Murarka, the banished medical director at the Pennsylvania Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, has been rehired, according to Sue Cosby, the shelter's new director.

Cosby said Dr. Murarka, who worked at the PSPCA for nearly 18 years until he was let go in March in a controversy over rabies injections he gave to some pit bulls, will return to the PSPCA as medical director effective next Tuesday, Cosby announced.

"I spoke with many of Dr. Murarka's supporters as well as those involved in the circumstances surrounding his departure, and I believe that is appropriate for him to return to the PSPCA," Cosby said.

She added that the animal-welfare agency "has full faith and confidence in Dr. Murarka's integrity as a veterinarian." Cosby said Murarka's work in saving sick and injured animals has been featured on Animal Planet's recent TV series, Animal Cops: Philadelphia.

Murarka was fired in March, allegedly after providing medical care for pit-bull-mix dogs at a kennel that the agency was investigating, according to a source at the time.

Murarka, who runs his own clinic, in addition to his work for the PSPCA, denied any connections to a kennel used to house pit bulls in an area where dogfighting occurs.

He said a North Philadelphia man had asked him in January to come to his home to provide rabies shots for his seven pit-bull mixes. He said he didn't see any "old scars" on the dogs, an indication of fighting, while providing the shots.

He said he was "shocked" by the termination after years of service provided "day and night."