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Cold stretch to continue overnight, record low temp possible in Philly

Philadelphians could wake up to a new record-low temperature on Tuesday.

The cold-for-May snap hitting the region today -- temperatures are about 15 degrees below normal -- should continue overnight, with a low temperature of around 41 degrees expected, the National Weather Service says.

If the mercury drops any lower than that, Philadelphia would have a new record: The coldest temperature ever recorded on May 14 is 40 degrees, according to the weather service.

The weather service is calling that mark a "possible vulnerable record low."

The high today in Philly is expected to only reach 60 degrees; some parts of the region may remain in the 50s. A slightly warmer high of 65 is expected for tomorrow. Typically, highs at this time of year are in the low- to mid-70s.

In other sections of Pennsylvania, frost and freeze warnings will be in effect overnight.

A freeze warning for the Poconos says below-freezing temperatures are highly likely between 2 a.m. and sunrise Tuesday, which could damage sensitive outdoor plants.

In Lancaster, Harrisburg and other areas of central Pennsylvania, a frost advisory says people "should protect sensitive crops and vegetation."

The cold wave is hitting much of the mid-Atlantic, with large sections of the warning expecting frost and freezes, according to AccuWeather. In recent days, places like Buffalo and northern Michigan have even seen snow.