A look at some of the latest proposals issued by major candidates in Philadelphia's May 15 mayoral primary:

U.S. Rep. Chaka Fattah

(D., Pa.) promised yesterday to expand after-school programs, particularly those aimed at children 12 to 16. He also said that as mayor, he would invest money in "21st century community learning centers" modeled after facilities such as the Honickman Learning Center.

Price tag:

$15 million a year, on top of $28 million the city spends annually, according to fiscal 2004 budget figures, the most recent available. Including statewide and other sources, a total of $82 million was spent on citywide programs that year. The additional money would help close the gap between the 45,000 children currently involved in after-school programs and the 100,000 who are not, according to the nonprofit Safe and Sound organization.

Where he'd get the money:

Proceeds would come from Fattah's proposed leasing of the city-owned Philadelphia International Airport, which he has said would generate $2 billion. If that plan falls through, Fattah said, he would find the $15 million by cutting existing resources, although he did not say which ones.

Pro and con:

With statistics provided by the campaign showing that nearly one of every two violent juvenile crimes occurs on weekdays between 2 and 8 p.m., it's hard to argue with the notion of adding more places for youths to go and more things to keep them busy. Others say Fattah is making promises he can't keep, including his plan to interact with "


family that has children" in the city.

The full text:

Read Fattah's proposal at

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- Marcia Gelbart