HARRISBURG - State lottery officials determined that a ball broke during a televised MATCH 6 lotto drawing, prompting a second off-air drawing and a decision to pay off winning tickets for both sets of numbers.

The first payout for Tuesday's drawing was $366,805; the second was $411,216.

"So basically it cost the lottery another $411,216," Pennsylvania Lottery spokeswoman Stephanie Weyant said yesterday. "Or, the other way of looking at it is the lottery players had a second chance to win last night."

Pieces of a broken "36" ball were seen in the ball chamber during the first test drawing held after the 6:59 p.m. official drawing, which is televised live, Weyant said.

Typically, the lottery and its auditors weigh and measure the 49 plastic balls to be used in the drawing, then hold 12 test drawings before the official one and three tests after to ensure the balls exhibit a pattern of randomness, Weyant said.

Lottery officials, a volunteer witness and an independent certified public accountant reviewed tapes of the televised drawing and determined that the ball was broken during the time the balls bounce around a transparent chamber, buffeted by forced air.

Lottery officials decided to hold a second, off-air drawing with a new set of 49 balls. Different sets of balls are rotated for use in the twice-weekly drawings, and retired after three months of use, Weyant said.

The first set of winning MATCH 6 numbers was 13-18-27-29-32-33. The second set was 04-11-12-19-21-27.

No one won the $550,000 jackpot. But more than 200,000 winners in the two drawings will get sums ranging from $2 to $2,500, according to the lottery's online statistics.

Weyant said winners must wait until today before bringing their tickets to the more than 8,500 lottery retailers to get paid. In the meantime, lottery officials are reprogramming software to recognize the extra payout at terminals that scan and verify winning tickets, she said.