Members of a joint undercover task force announced yesterday that they had confiscated a large cache of drugs, including two kilograms of heroin, with a street value of $2 million during raids in Northeast Philadelphia.

Three suspected high-level drug dealers were taken into custody during Wednesday's raids in Northeast Philadelphia.

The three alleged dealers were: Francisco Rodriguez, also known as Nelson Ayala-Velazquez; Nicole Alicea; and Jose Velasquez-Olivares. The three, allegedly trading under the street logo "AK-47," were charged with conspiracy and possession with intent to distribute.

"The AK-47 logo indicated that it was a killer product, a deadly product," DEA special agent Timothy Ogden said during a news conference attended by acting U.S. Attorney Laurie Magid.

The operation entailed cooperation between the DEA and the Philadelphia Police Department, Magid said.

"Our efforts are ongoing and unrelenting," he said.

Calling the seizure significant, Magid said: "Two kilos goes a very long way."

In addition to the heroin, authorities seized 900 grams of cocaine and 600 grams of crack cocaine in raids at 2216 Glenview St. in the Oxford Circle section, and at 2007 Knorr St. in Castor Gardens. Also recovered were a 9mm Ruger handgun and $24,839 in cash. Investigators also searched two vehicles, one of which had a secret compartment, authorities said.

Authorities alleged that the volume of drugs seized indicated the dealers were high up on the drug "food chain."

"We've had larger seizures," Deputy Commissioner William Blackburn said, "but two kilos of heroin is big. These were not just street peddlers. They were in position to distribute a large amount of drugs on the streets."

With this type of seizure, Magid said: "We can keep them in jail a long time."

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