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The high of 66 was 1 degree above 1982 mark.

Weather in region sets a record for December

After weeks of chilly weather, a heat wavelet hit Philadelphia yesterday, breaking the record for the date.

At 2 p.m., the temperature at Philadelphia International Airport reached 66 - one degree above the the previous high for Dec. 28, set in 1982. But the day was so gray and overcast you might not have felt enticed to even venture outside.

It was the seventh time since 1872 that the thermometer got into the 60s on Dec. 28, according to data kept by the Franklin Institute.

By contrast, the coldest Dec. 28 on record frosted the region in 1950 with a bone-chilling 9 degrees.

Today is forecast to be less balmy - with a high of 48 expected. That won't come near the 72-degree record of Dec. 29, 1984.

But the sun should be out.