A 72-year-old Cherry Hill woman remained in Camden County Jail on Monday after allegedly offering to pay an undercover police officer to beat up her ex-husband and their two children.

Suzanne Cohen was arrested on Friday and charged with three counts of conspiracy to commit aggravated assault, Cherry Hill police said.

Cohen has a history of disputes with family members, who have cut off communication with her, said Lt. Bill Kushina, a police spokesman.

"The file on her is a couple inches thick," he said.

Relatives have complained for years of harassment by Cohen, who they said sent threatening notes, vandalized their property, and turned up at their places of work, Kushina said. In one case, he said, a family member was sent an advertisement about a sale on ice picks.

Efforts to get restraining orders against her have been unsuccessful, Kushina said.

A spokesman for the Camden County Prosecutor's Office said he did not know the name of Cohen's attorney.

About three weeks ago, police got word that Cohen was looking to hire someone to assault members of her family, according to authorities. An undercover officer contacted her by phone and set up a meeting at a Cherry Hill pharmacy.

Cohen showed up and offered the officer an undisclosed sum of money to "hurt" her ex-husband, son, and daughter, said authorities, who would not release the names of the alleged targets.

Cohen and the officer agreed to a deal, and Cohen subsequently provided the officer her relatives' contact information and photographs, police said.

Cohen's bail has been set at $300,000.

A woman who answered the phone at a number believed to be listed to Cohen's daughter declined to comment.