CHRISTIE CHRONICLES Gov. Christie will destroy Sen. Barbara Buono in Tuesday's election by 19 points, 20 points, 28 points, or 36 points, depending on which poll released Monday you believe.

But that seemingly insurmountable lead didn't stop a feisty pro-Buono teacher from confronting the governor after a campaign event Saturday down the Shore in Somers Point. And it didn't stop Christie from an apparently feisty response.

Unfortunately, no video or audio of the incident has surfaced. But with First Lady Mary Pat Christie smiling wide next to him, the governor yelled at a constituent.

"I asked you one simple question," said the teacher, Melissa Tomlinson, in an open letter to Christie. "I wanted to know why you portray N.J. Public Schools as failure factories. Apparently that question struck a nerve. When you swung around at me and raised your voice, asking me what I wanted, my first response, 'I want more money for my students.' "

Tomlinson also told the Star-Ledger that Christie said to her: "I'm tired of you people."

A spokeswoman for Christie, Maria Comella, told the governor's side of the story: "They were having a discussion about the funding levels and the governor said that no matter how much money we spend, it will never be enough for you people."

This little flare-up - which is not Christie's first involving a teacher - is unlikely to change his insurmountable lead. Why? Video posted online Monday by his office may give you an idea.

The brief video depicts Christie, unprompted, answering the phone at a hot dog stand during a campaign stop. "Hot Dog Johnny's, can I help you?" he asks. "Is Chris Christie still here? This is Chris Christie. It is, I swear."

"Love it!" says one bystander.

"So cool," says another.

Matt Katz,