Most of the 14 people killed at a holiday banquet in San Bernardino County, Calif., worked in the same county health department as the man who showed up with his wife and sprayed the hall with gunfire.

An official list of the dead was released Thursday, and families, friends, and coworkers shared some of their stories:

Robert Adams, 40. The Yucaipa resident was known as a loving father and husband who married his high school sweetheart, friends said. A fund-raising page for his wife, Summer, and 20-month-old daughter, Savannah, had brought in thousands of dollars Thursday.

Megan Neforos, who set up the page, said she knew Adams' wife through a Facebook group for mothers of young children. "He was her high school sweetheart. This is tragic for her," she said. "He was an incredibly loving father and devoted husband."

Nicholas Thalasinos, 52. He identified as a Messianic Jew and passionately defended Israel, actively debating about religion in online forums and in person, his friends said.

Two weeks ago, Thalasinos was having a heated on-the-job discussion about the nature of Islam with Syed Rizwan Farook, his fellow restaurant inspector and one of the shooters. Thalasinos' friend Kuuleme Stephens told the Associated Press that she happened to call him while he was working with Farook and that he brought her into their debate, loudly declaring that Farook "doesn't agree that Islam is not a peaceful religion."

Daniel Kaufman, 42. He ran an independently owned coffee shop inside the Inland Regional Center where the county health workers were using a hall for their holiday banquet. The shop's workers included people with developmental disabilities.

Eileen Richey, the executive director of the Association of Regional Center Agencies, said his death "fills us with sorrow."

Michael Raymond Wetzel, 37. Friends and fellow church members appealed for help supporting his widow, Renee, a stay-at-home mom. The couple have five children from previous marriages and one child together.

"He was my best friend and an incredible father who was loved by all. I have never known a better person," Renee Wetzel said in a statement issued through a friend.

Damian Meins, 58. He was passionate about serving his community, a message he took from the priests at his Catholic high school in Riverside.

Meins never strayed far from his church or its teachings, said Walter Hackett, who met Meins 40 years ago. "Service to others, helping others. He very much took that to heart," Hackett said.

Meins married his high school sweetheart, now a Catholic school principal, and they raised two daughters, one a teacher. Meins was remembered as the guy who dressed up as Santa for school pictures, according to a parent's social media posting Thursday.

Tin Nguyen, 31. She was supposed to get married in 2017, her family told media outlets. Born in Vietnam, Nguyen was a food inspector with the county health department.

Isaac Amanios, 60. He was a supervising environmental health specialist.

Authorities released the names of the rest of the victims with few details:

Bennetta Bet-Badal, 46, of Rialto

Sierra Clayborn, 27, a restaurant inspector.

Harry Bowman, 46, of Upland.

Juan Espinoza, 50, of Highland.

Aurora Godoy, 26, of San Jacinto.

Shannon Johnson, 45, of Los Angeles.

Yvette Velasco, 27, of Fontana.