A SOUTH JERSEY police officer's clever — but creepy — scheme to flirt with a woman on Facebook could land him in jail for up to 10 years, officials in the Camden County Prosecutor's Office announced Monday.

Jeffrey Tyther, 44, was on duty in Voorhees on Sept. 9 when he saw a woman pass him on the highway then pulled his police cruiser up behind her car, said Jason Laughlin, a spokesman for the county prosecutor.

Tyther pulled up beside the woman and waved, although the two did not exchange words.

Tyther apparently thought he had found romance on the open road and ran her license plates in the State Police motor-vehicle database to find her information so he could contact her on Facebook, Laughlin said. He sent the woman a friend request two days later — which she ignored, Laughlin said.

After that, Tyther sent the woman an email identifying himself as the officer who waved at her while driving, Laughlin said.

The woman, whom officials wouldn't identify but said is in her 20s, told a co-worker about the odd encounter, and he contacted police, Laughlin said. Information on the motor-vehicle database is for criminal investigations only, and Tyther did not pull the woman over or issue her a ticket.

Tyther, a 14-year department veteran, was suspended without pay from the police department, Laughlin said.

He surrendered to police Monday on charges of second-degree computer theft and a fourth-degree charge of violating the Motor Vehicle Record Law. He was released on a summons.