Home sellers in New Jersey and Pennsylvania are not required to disclose if their property is "haunted"  or was once the scene of a violent murder.

But what if the home once played host to a sex club?

A North Jersey couple filed a lawsuit in late June claiming real estate agents steered them to a house with a sordid past.

Brian and Lauren Gehm moved into their new home in Sussex County last summer. Soon after, a contractor installing satellite TV in their Sparta home found several issues with the electrical wiring.

The faulty wiring led to a  surprising discovery: Several webcams were hidden in the basement and connected to a closed circuit television system, according to the complaint, first reported by Courthouse News. The couple located additional cameras throughout the house, according to the report.

The Gehms, worried the hidden cameras had recorded their every move, resorted to basic detective work. It didn't take them long to learn their abode was once used as "a disco and/or 'sex club'," according to the Courthouse News account.

Three months after moving in, the Gehms packed up and moved out.

The Gehms' complaint, filed June 26 in Sussex County Court, claims fraud and breach of contract.

The couple states that the seller's real estate agent was well aware of the property's history, having operated a small business from the house for an unspecified time. In their complaint, the Gehms said the agent had conducted an investigation and had turned up "two illuminated cages in the basement, a large amount of cocaine on the dining room table, a stockpile of condoms, and multiple pornographic tapes."

The Gehms' attorney, Joshua Denbeaux of Westwood, could not be reached for comment.