The state House yesterday overwhelmingly approved, 192-2, a bill that would extend health insurance coverage to dependent children up to the age of 30. The legislation, which passed the Senate unanimously in March, would allow adult children to be covered under their parents' insurance plan.

A spokesman said Gov. Rendell, who has championed this legislation among other health-care initiatives, would sign the bill into law. Voting against the measure were Reps. John Maher (R., Allegheny) and Donna Oberlander (R., Armstrong).

To qualify, the individual must be unmarried, have no dependents, and be a resident of Pennsylvania or a full-time student. The individual cannot have other health-insurance coverage nor be eligible for government-provided health benefits. The bill (S.B. 189) is the first piece of legislation to reach the governor's desk since the new session began in January. - Amy Worden