Democratic gubernatorial candidate Joseph M. Hoeffel III has fallen far short of his stated goal of raising $1 million by the close of 2009. Campaign aide Frank Custer said yesterday that Hoeffel, a relatively late entrant in a field of five Democratic candidates, had raised about $400,000.

Custer said Hoeffel, a Montgomery County commissioner, has the broadest voter support in Southeastern Pennsylvania and would have enough money for a credible campaign. Hoeffel announced his candidacy in September.

Hoeffel has cast himself as the true liberal in the May 18 primary field, but he is largely unknown around the state, according to early polls. One of his Democratic foes, Allegheny County executive Dan Onorato, has said he has more than $6 million in his campaign bank account.

All candidates have to file financial reports with the state by Feb. 1. - Tom Infield