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Pa. has 6.5 million women. None of them are in Congress.

Women in the United States have not attained equal representation in politics. On International Women's Day, here is a snapshot of who represents the 6.5 million women living in Pennsylvania.

In Pennsylvania, a woman has never held the office of…

  1. Governor

  2. U.S. Senator

  3. Mayor of Philadelphia

  4. Philadelphia police commissioner

In Congress…

  1. There are no women in Pennsylvania's delegation. The state is represented by 20 men

  2. In its history, Pennsylvania has elected 7 women to Congress, all to the House

  3. It is one of 13 states with no women currently in Congress

  4. It is one of 21 states that has never in history elected a woman to the Senate

  5. Congress is currently 19.4 percent female

In the state legislature…

  1. The legislature is 18.2 percent female

  2. There are 7 women in the State Senate, out of 50 members

  3. There are 46 women in the State House, out of 203 members

  4. Pennsylvania ranks 41 out of the 50 states for women's representation

By proportions…

      • Pennsylvania population: 51 percent female, 49 percent male

      • Congressional delegation: 0 percent female; 100 percent male

      • State legislature: 18 percent female; 82 percent male

      • Suburban* county commissioners/council: 36 percent female, 64 percent male

      • Philadelphia City Council: 35 percent female, 65 percent male

      • State Supreme Court: 43 percent female, 57 percent male

And in New Jersey...

            • There is one woman in New Jersey's congressional delegation, out of 14 members

            • The state legislature is 30 percent female

Sources: Center for American Woman in Politics, Rutgers; U.S. Census data; public records

*For Montgomery, Chester, Delaware and Bucks counties