Beyond the candidates on the ballot, here are some winners and losers in yesterday's primary elections:


* T. Milton Street Sr. He may have lost his run for mayor, but he somehow managed to persuade more than 35,000 people to vote for him. He-or his brother John-will be back, no doubt.

* Electricians union leader John Dougherty, who got his right-hand man Bobby Henon elected to Council.

* DROP opponents. They got their wish yesterday as voters ousted at-large Councilman Frank Rizzo and City Commissioner Marge Tartaglione. * Mayor Nutter, who saw only one of his endorsed City Council candidates lose: Marty Bednarik in the 6th District.


* Democracy. When only 21 percent of the city's voters come out, we get the government we deserve.

* Former state Sen. Vince Fumo. The one-time power broker missed the whole show while serving time in a federal prison in Kentucky.

* Those who long for the days when a guy named Rizzo ran things around here.