President Obama is planning to roll into Delaware County tomorrow for an ostensibly nonpolitical event that could finally give Democrats the Election Day boost they need to break the GOP's 35-year monopoly of County Council.

Not likely, though, if recent history is any guide.

The ghost of JFK could descend on Delco and Republicans would probably still dominate at the polls.

Democrats have cut deeply into the GOP voter-registration advantage in recent years, but that hasn't translated into success in countywide races.

"I'm flattered they felt the need to bring the president in to counter our campaign," deadpanned Republican John McBlain, a lawyer and veteran politician running for County Council.

A White House spokesman said yesterday that Obama's itinerary wouldn't be released until today.

But local sources said they believe the president will visit the Head Start school in Yeadon.

"I would think it'd have some kind of positive impact in that it generates interest in the election. It's all about turnout," said county Democratic chairman David Landau.

"It may remind people that they have to go vote."

The county, expected to be a key battleground for Pennsylvania in the 2012 presidential race, is becoming a popular destination for prominent Democrats.

Vice President Joe Biden will celebrate Veterans Day in Media on Friday, and Democratic National Committee chairwoman Debbie Wasserman Schultz and U.S. Sen. Bob Casey recently attended campaign events in Chester.