MAYOR NUTTER still hasn't released cost figures for the Made in America festival, but a contract for the Labor Day weekend event states that the promoter is responsible for all city expenses.

So, are taxpayers off the hook for the for-profit concert outside the Art Museum, featuring rap mogul Jay-Z, produced by Live Nation and sponsored by Budweiser? City officials originally said that there would be some "cost sharing."

Mayor Nutter said Tuesday that the full details would be available "shortly."

"That's the way the contract was written," Nutter said. "You're going to get all the information."

A city source said that Live Nation has already made an initial payment of $200,000. The contract the city signed with Live Nation estimated that Made in America could cost as much as $500,000 - including police, sanitation and other expenses.

The contract - provided by the City Controller's Office - says that Live Nation is responsible for any repairs needed post-concert. A list of estimated costs for city services breaks down as follows: police, $220,000; Fairmount Park, $120,000; emergency medical services, $90,000; sanitation, $60,000; licenses and inspections, $10,000; and health, $1,000.

The city's special-events policy states that any for-profit events must pay daily property rent. Nutter said that the promoters would pay a fee for the space in front of the Art Museum, on the Ben Franklin Parkway, but he declined to say how much.