If you haven't decided how you're getting to the polls Nov. 3 - and chances are you haven't - consider this option: a ride from Mayor Nutter.

That's one prize up for grabs in a video contest and voter-turnout campaign launching Friday. The others aren't too bad, either, including a cooking class with Jose Garces and a gym workout alongside former Gov. Ed Rendell.

To enter, voters can create a video 15 seconds or shorter describing why they vote, and share it on social media using the hashtag #ivotephilly.

Councilman Bobby Henon, who isn't facing a challenger in the May 19 primary, is coordinating the contest and paying for it - including a commercial that will air on a dozen cable channels starting Friday - from his political action committee.

"We just want to do it with energy, make it fun again," Henon said, "not make it a burden to come out and vote."

In the commercial, Henon talks directly to the camera as he offers prizes.

"Iron Chef Jose Garces might personally cook you dinner," he says, grabbing a scallion off Garces' cutting board and biting off the head.

"Wait," Garces tells him, "that's not what I said."

He then walks by Rendell, who is taking a call at his desk.

"Ed Rendell might take you to the gym," Henon says, throwing a towel on the former mayor's shoulder.

"Hold on, I've got some wackjob here in the office," Rendell tells the person on the other line as Henon walks off screen.

When he suggests Nutter might drive someone to the polls and flips the mayor a set of keys, Nutter promptly throws them to the ground.

"I didn't agree to that," he says.

As the commercial ends, Henon gives the boilerplate rules and adds: "Then just do one last thing - vote."

The other prizes include hotel accommodations and a dinner for two from Visit Philadelphia, Diamond Club tickets for a Phillies game, and tickets to the Wawa Welcome America! Festival.

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