Mayoral candidate Nelson Diaz sat down with Solomon Jones on 900AM-WURD a few weeks back to discuss where he stands on key issues in this election.

Mayoral hopeful and former District Attorney Lynne Abraham discussed her first commercial, what she feels is the biggest issue facing Philadelphia, and her current position on the death penalty regarding Gov. Wolf's moratorium in her second interview on 900AM-WURD.

When host Solomon Jones asked why she chose to use her first commercial to talk about education—while mentioning criticisms of the ad—Abraham explained why she when in that direction.

"I think that education is the single most important issue facing our city," she said. "I believe that for Philadelphia, as elsewhere, we need to make sure that every single child gets the best possible education that we can provide…And also the idea that education should create the idea of work and workforce development. I think that is essential." (Listen for that quote at the 1:53 mark.)

On the topic of the death penalty, Jones mentioned that in Abraham's last 900AM-WURD interview, she said that she was in favor of Gov. Wolf's moratorium. Jones went on to ask why she seemed in favor of it then, but has now seemingly switched positions. "I believe that the new governor of Pennsylvania, being a thoughtful person, has the right to decide right now that he wants to be thoroughly filled with all the knowledge about the death penalty," she said.

"I think the governor is right, so I really haven't switched positions that the death penalty is appropriate for those people who want to destroy our community and our world, and I believe that it has to be done appropriately and thoughtfully under all circumstances."

To hear Abraham's views on Jim Kenney's endorsement from the Fraternal Order of Police and community and police relationships, listen here.

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