Type of Ad:  Positive

Candidate: Jim Kenney

By: Forward Philadelphia

Title: "A leader"

The Basics: This is a well-paced ad designed to take quick advantage of the fact that Jim Kenney was endorsed last week by a group of African-American politicians and ward leaders from the city's Northwest section, a list that includes Marion Tasco and state Rep. Dwight Evans. The ad was paid for by Forward Philadelphia, the teachers union/liberal SuperPAC and produced for the group by Saul Shorr, whose firm did the first SuperPAC ad, which was a Kenney biog piece.

Crit: This is an ad that targets black voters to spread the word that Kenney, a white candidate, has gotten the support of significant African-American political players in town.  "Jim Kenney is the one they trust," the African-American woman announcer says, as the screen flashes pictures of Evans, Tasco and other black Kenney endorsers. Then it offers a quick run through the Kenney repertoire of messages: pro-union, pro-jobs, pro-education, pre-K for all.  The key phrase is at the end, where the announcer asks voters to "join leaders we trust in supporting Jim Kenney...."  The "we" in that statement is the black community.

What Isn't Said: There are no hidden messages in this piece.  It is direct and straightforward and says, without coming out and saying it, that: You, the black voter, have permission to vote for this white guy. It seeks to change the normal voting habits of black voters and it does so by citing credible African-American leaders who vouch for Kenney.

Is the ad factual: Yes.

Overall Grade: A.