A look at some of the latest proposals issued by major candidates in Philadelphia's May 15 mayoral primary:

Former City Councilman Michael Nutter

issued a transportation plan yesterday, calling for creation of a city Department of Transportation and a Regional Mobility Commission with the ability to make transportation investments throughout the area. To provide capital for those investments - and to get the state legislature and suburban counties interested in setting up the commission - Nutter would consider leasing Philadelphia International Airport to a private business. He'd also work to get more power for the city on the SEPTA board.

Price tag:

With no specific programs being discussed, there's no way to put a price tag on Nutter's plan. He stresses the need for Pennsylvania to create a permanent, dedicated funding base for SEPTA and the state's other transit agencies.

Where he'd get the money:

Nutter mentions three possible sources of dedicated funding that are now being discussed: Raising the state portion of the realty transfer tax, imposing a state tax on oil-company profits, and slapping a toll-surcharge for using the Pennsylvania Turnpike in the Philadelphia area.

Pro and con:

Because the city doesn't manage SEPTA, a mayor can't do all that much about transit by himself. For that reason, Nutter stresses the need for the next mayor to lobby, set policy directions, and create new governing structures. In addition, he pledges to do whatever a mayor can do to encourage ridership by making transit facilities cleaner, safer, and less offensive to the nose.

The full text:

Read Nutter's transportation plan at

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- Larry Eichel