A Fox News personality's appearance in the Philadelphia suburbs has been greeted with hateful graffiti and possible protests.

Abington Township police said the phrase "NAZIS DIE" was spray-painted in white graffiti outside the Keswick Theatre in Glenside sometime Thursday morning, ahead of a scheduled appearance by Fox News personality Tomi Lahren.

"That graffiti was immediately cleaned up within an hour of us discovering it this morning," Abington Police Chief Patrick Malloy said. "That type of graffiti just incites violence, so we wanted to make sure it wasn't promoting any more violence."

Lahren, a 25-year-old conservative commentator and ardent supporter of President Trump, is scheduled to appear at the theater Thursday night for a live event that will include "a series of topic-driven segments, social media dialogue and audience Q&A."

"Truth is the new hate speech. You don't intimidate me!" Lahren wrote on Twitter in response to posts about the graffiti.

Prior to joining Fox News in August 2017, Lahren worked for conservative talk show host Glenn Beck's media company, the Blaze, where she became a controversial figure due her hard-line views on issues like gun control and immigration. In the past, she has referred to the Black Lives Matter movement as "the new KKK" and called refugees from the Middle East "rapeugees."

Refute Fascism Philly, the local chapter of an activist group formed after the 2016 presidential election, is planning a protest at Lahren's event tonight.

"We have been monitoring social media. There are groups that want to peacefully protest, and then there are some that indicate they may not want to be so peaceful," Malloy said. "We have measures in place to respond to this and we'll be prepared to assist people if they want to exercise their first amendment right on both sides without causing any threats to public safety."