The frying of Philadelphia continues. Counting yesterday's 93, eight straight days could hit at least 90 degrees, according to the forecast.

Air quality's a concern today, with code oranges issued for ozone from Washington, D.C., to Trenton. At risk are children, the elderly, people with breathing difficulties, and anyone doing strenuous work or exercise outdoors.

The dry (though humid) spell is also likely to continue for at least a couple more days. Over the last three weeks, less than a fifth of an inch of rain - total - has been recorded at Philadelphia International Airport.

Scattered areas, of course, have seen the occasional thunderstorm passing through.

Possible thunderstorms are mentioned from Wednesday night into Friday, then again on Saturday night and Sunday. Chances range from 30 to 40 percent.

Predicted highs this week are 94 today, 96 Tuesday and 93 Wednesday, followed by four straight 90s.

Such a stretch would more than qualify as the year's seventh heat wave. A heat wave is defined as three straight days with temperatures of 90 or higher.

Lows in the lower 70s should make for easier sleeping than some of those steamy nights in July.

At the Shore, the highs and lows should be cooler by only a few degrees, according to the forecaster.

So far in Philadelphia, 2010 has had 39 days of 90 or hotter, and another seven days would put the total at 46 - a week shy of the record 53 set in 1991.

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