public forum before May 15?

This year's primary campaign has offered more public forums than any time since the Romans.

But this editorial board, in partnership with the editorial board of the Inquirer and the Committee of Seventy, are adding one more forum to the list that is a must-attend for anyone concerned about judicial elections.

Next Friday, April 27, we are hosting a public forum for the candidates for Common Pleas Court. And if you don't know why a public forum is important, consider this: There are 16 candidates for four slots.

The Philadelphia Bar Association (a community partner in the fourm) has done its usual thorough job of vetting candidates and issuing recommendations, but even these are of limited use, since the bar has recommended 15 candidates.

This forum will be a chance for the public to meet the candidates and hear their answers to a range of questions.

The forum will run from 8:30 to 10 a.m., in Room 303 of the Pennsylvania Convention Center. Space is limited; reserve a seat by e-mailing, or fax us at 215-854-5691. *