IT AMAZES ME how our politicians sit idly by as our jobs leave this country for cheap labor overseas.

American workers are cast aside as these companies reap record profits and CEOs become multimillionaires at the expense of employees.

There once was a time, not long ago, when the owner of a company actually cared about the people who worked for him. They were part of a family and both the worker and employer would benefit as a result.

Today, big corporations and profits rule the day. And while CEOs can be let go with a comfy severance or stock options, we are the ones left without a job.

My wife was recently let go after 20 years of service with a well-known pharmaceutical company, which is moving work to India.

They seem to think that saving a few dollars at the expense of their workers is the way to go.

But, as a consumer, I know I won't trust their product anymore. Putting your faith in a company that chooses to gamble with your life is not who I want to do business with.

Why isn't there more outrage?

Joe Long