U.S. REP. Bob Brady didn't get much love in the recent mayoral primary polls, but Philadelphia owes him mad love today: SEPTA is set to announce that the Colt 45 wraps are coming off the buses.

Brady made a stink last weekend when he heard that two buses had been wrapped with giant Colt 45 malt liquor ads; he claimed that in a city with a huge violence problem, larger-than-life promotions of what some call "liquid crack" throughout the neighborhoods was not the best idea.

SEPTA worked quickly on this one. The wraps should be gone by the end of the day.

SEPTA is not changing its policy on accepting liquor ads; Colt 45 is still running bus ads, just not as full wraps.

SEPTA's speed at resolving this is commendable, especially since it had a rather busy week- including a court visit to defend its decision to eliminate transfers in a suit brought by the city.

The victory in the fight against the invasion of commercial messages in public life shouldn't be taken lightly. Since the Goliaths in these fights are usually massive and rich corporations, it's a good day when David manages to win one. Or in this case, Bob. *