RE RONNIE Polaneczky recent column on skateboarding in Philadelphia.

I am the capital campaign co-chair of the Paine's Park Project, an effort to raise $6 million to build a 2.5-acre pedestrian-friendly skate park directly adjacent to the Philadelphia Museum of Art.

This effort, in development since 2002, is now gaining steam as a "second-wave" is well under way and gaining momentum everyday.

Ronnie's article touches on something we at Paine's Park Project speak to every day: the absolute need for clean, safe public space for kids of all ages to come together to "vent all that energy." Our world-class skate-park design will provide an engaging new landmark that skaters and the city at large can be proud of.

It is the exact sort of progressive urban initiative employed by Chicago with its hugely successful Millennium Park Skateboarding, now more popular than Little League baseball and set to become an Olympic sport in the near future. The enthusiasm and potential of Philadelphia youth shouldn't be overlooked any longer.

Our park will have a strong commitment to educational programming that will seek to bring together the vast diversity of Philadelphia's children. We hope to make Paine's Park an indispensable piece of the major Philadelphia renaissance currently under way. Everyone should take the time to check out the Web site at to see what this is all about.

Christopher Plant

Capital Campaign Co-Chair

Paine's Park Project

Unacceptable loss!

Andy Reid has a lot to answer for why this team made boneheaded mistakes - as well as starting Donovan McNabb, who clearly wasn't ready! The penalties were way too many, and the coach gets blame here as well!

Another lousy start.

Thomas G. Lutek, Philadelphia