AS A reservist, I travel with both my civilian clothes and military uniforms and am frequently harassed by airline ticketing agents about having too many bags or of their being overweight.

But twice, an agent in Philadelphia was patriotic and interpreted her company's rules about extra baggage when it applies to the military and did not charge me for the extra baggage. But also for the second time an unpatriotic agent at my destination charged me on my return flight to Philadelphia.

Last year, it was US Airways. The military reimbursed me. This time, I wasn't on orders and was traveling Northwest to be the officiating officer of my brother's retirement ceremony at Grand Forks AFB, N.D.

I'm tired of companies harassing the military like this. Military members traveling with their uniforms should not be charged for the extra bags containing their uniforms. Please help pursue a change in the way civilian airlines handle military baggage.

James Landis, Harleysville