ACCORDING to John Baer's Dec. 3 column, Vince Fumo claims to have "worn a white hat a lot." Maybe, but not for preventing gun violence. Fumo has worn the handgun lobby's black hat so long and effectively that his claimed conversion to support one handgun a month beggars belief.

He's long been the prime Harrisburg water carrier for the handgun lobby and industry.

And Fumo was just featured on CNN spouting the gun lobby's unhelpful mantra disdaining new regulation while pushing the old "lock 'em up" strategy that's proven so ineffective at stopping the rising tide of handgun violence.

Philadelphia needs less a "gun-toting" cowboy like Fumo than someone long committed to doing whatever possible in Harrisburg to reduce the flow of illegal handguns onto city streets.

Bryan Miller

Executive Director, Ceasefire NJ

& Co-Founder, Pennsylvanians

Against Trafficking Handguns