WHAT IS IT with people and their "If I don't succeed, it's because of discrimination!" ideas?

Does anyone actually believe that garbage? People need to start facing up to their own failures and shortcomings. If you have five kids from five different fathers, it's because you couldn't keep your legs closed, not because of "discrimination."

Which brings me to the election. Who do the Democrats think they're fooling besides themselves? As Christine Flowers said in her op-ed ("On Winning . . . And Whining"): It's "the liberal mantra of 'If I fail, it's because you're prejudiced against me.' "

Stop blaming your problems on hate. Clinton didn't lose because she was a woman, and Obama didn't win (at least I hope not) because he was black. It's all about their views.

Are we really going to sacrifice America and everything this country stands for due to a stupid popularity contest? Or do we let the flashier person get the most important job?

Did we all just one day decide that as long as our president is the shiny new model that looks good, that we'll really be OK?

This isn't a crack on Obama at all. If Obama has better views, then I'm all for him to be our next president. But is he really the best, or just the most popular?

And don't let claims of discrimination fool you. If he fails, it's because he fails. It's his own fault.

Samantha Justice, 15


Liberal abstinence

Ronnie Polaneczky asserts that "Bristol is Exhibit A for why policies like her mom's abstinence-only programs . . . don't work." For years, Washington had a prohibition on gun ownership, yet the killings went on. How many liberal columnists wrote that these killings were proof that banning gun ownership didn't work?

Howard R. Lurie, King of Prussia