THERE are many who aren't going to agree with my assessment of the questions about the citizenship of President Obama.

But the questions say to me as an African-American that whatever President Obama does will not be accepted by a certain faction in this country because of his race.

Hawaii became part of the U.S. in 1959. President Obama was born in Hawaii in 1961. The state of Hawaii has confirmed that Barack Obama was born in the state, which answers the question and places a period at the end of the story. Yet we still have some on the extreme right who continue to perpetuate this propaganda because they have never accepted the fact that America has elected its first African-American president.

If the critics of President Obama don't believe he was born in the state of Hawaii, they have a right to sue Hawaii for falsifying records and committing fraud. Would they go this far? No, because they know they don't have a case. The birthers' story illustrates that they will not accept President Obama because of the color of his skin.

Rev. Dr. Wayne M. Weathers, Philadelphia

Eradicating Fumoism

Vince Fumo is not above the law; he is the law. His web of corruption knows no bounds - it permeates every level of state government.

Look no further than our own governor, who submitted a post-conviction letter of support. Not only is this a slap in the face to the jurors, but to each and every law-abiding citizen of this city. I daresay, the same can be said for Judge Buckwalter.

This is a wake-up call, Philadelphia!

The only way to put a halt to Fumoism is to take out his power base. On Election Day, let's take our city back.

Susan Shepherdson, Philadelphia

The Vick thing

If people are so offended, they need to protest lawmakers for setting the sentence for Vick's crime at two years, and NFL commissioner Roger Goodell for reinstating him - not my Eagles.

He deserves to make a living. If convicts aren't allowed to work, then imagine how high the crime rate would be.

Cyrus Johnson, Philadelphia

Super Bowl here we come:

You get Michael Vick to bark out the plays. Plaxico Burress to shoot through the line. Donte Stallworth to run over the defense.

B. Ritter, N. Cape May, N.J.

To Robert McNulty and all you other readers who can't find it in your hearts to forgive Mr. Vick, ask yourselves: Who am I to keep judging this man? "Judge not," said the Lord, "or you will be judged."

Mr. Vick, you have paid your dues.

Stand tall, keep your head high when you step out on the field. If you listen hard enough, you can downplay the boos and uplift the cheers. For anyone who loves the Lord and believes in his word knows that you have already been forgiven. God bless you, Michael Vick. Now play ball!

Gwendolyn Alleyne, Philadelphia