IN GOOD TIMES or bad, feast or famine, the

Daily News

editorial board has one everlasting mantra, "Cut city jobs!"

They love to use phrases like "Time of Reckoning for ALL of Us." They speak as if the city work force hasn't budged an inch since we had a shade under 9,000 police officers and about 700 recreation workers in the late '70s. For a newspaper that has spent the last two months plastering their Pulitzer Prize-winning investigative journalists all over its pages, they apparently missed the white elephant standing in the newsroom.

The city work force is operating at its threadbare best as we speak. The recreation worker in South Philly who runs an after-school program for children whose parents are working-class and can't afford high-cost day care is not a luxury.

If, as you did in your editorial, equate that to a millionaire crying he cannot possibly give up his gardener or housekeeper, you should be ashamed of yourself.

Brian P. Tait