ENOUGH is enough! How much more evidence do we need for people to stop doubting the Holocaust? How many more survivors, arms tattooed with camp numbers, need to tell their stories? How many more eyewitnesses need to offer their testimony? How much more actual film do we need to view?

Lincoln professor Kaukab Siddique ("Lincoln Prof's Comments on Israel Draw Fire," Oct. 21) is nothing less than evil as he spews his anti-semitic venom.

Is it ignorance? Of course. But it is more than that. It is evil of the highest magnitude. His rhetoric is no different from someone denying that slavery once existed in this country.

The lack of response from the Lincoln community can be summed up in one word: cowardice.

Shame on them. And worst of all, for the students' sake, the more this alleged educator talks the more devalued a Lincoln degree becomes. Perhaps one day the university can employ a professor who will teach the factual history of the Holocaust and of the Middle East. Until then, Lincoln students continue to be robbed of the truth and Pennsylvania citizens of their tax dollars.

In the end, his right to free speech is protected by the First Amendment. So, with this letter, I exercise my right to free speech - in blessed memory of the gassed, starved, hung, tortured and machine-gunned-into-pits 6 million. And the millions more non-Jewish victims who perished with them. Enough is enough, professor.

Michael Weinberg, West Chester

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Bush league

Sometimes sports is a metaphor for life. Take the Texas Rangers . . .

George Bush sold his interest in the team in 1998, and after 12 years of struggle, they made it to the World Series. Will it take another 12 years, all the way to 2020, for America to recover from the departure of George Bush from national government and the economic catastrophe he left us in?

Let's hope the Republicans don't roll out another Bush (Jeb?) as their standard-bearer between now and then like the Rangers did by using Mr. Bush to throw out the first ball in game four. As he was for us, it was the kiss of death for the Rangers with a goose-egg loss and then their final collapse.

Roy Lehman, Woolwich Township, N.J.

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Race & the Tea Party

The Tea Party exists because we have the first black president. It's as simple as that. There are a lot of racists out there still. Isn't it funny that no one said a word while President Bush was running up a deficit.

Beverly Rolfsmeyer, Philadelphia

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Actually, Dom has it right

When the

Daily News

listed the failing test scores, dropout rates, filthy conditions in the schools and crimes committed, Kenny Gamble and A. Bruce Crawley apparently didn't feel the need to deny the findings or to blame Arlene Ackerman for these solvable problems as they blame Dom Giordano, who rated Ackerman based on the results of her so-called "achievements."

Given the state of public schools nationwide, the "awards" and "honors" to Ackerman seem unjustified.

Gamble and Crawley should read what the Daily News reports and not make personal attacks.

Celeste A. Morello, Philadelphia