THE Philadelphia Parking Authority is trying to take over the private towing industry - and when all private towers are out of business, watch out.

The Parking Authority is going to get the right to come on your private property and take any vehicle that owes it money. It already has come on private property to give tickets to vehicles that have expired inspection stickers.

People, as voters, you have the power: Stop the PPA! Your private property has always been a safe place to store your vehicle. Private property is private! Voters, call your City Council member to change Bill 100213.

The PPA should also put its fees on all its tow signs to let the public know what it will cost to get a vehicle back, just as the private industry is required to do.

I love my city, my family has a good life here and our family business has supported this city longer than anyone on Council.

Please, voters, let your voice be heard.

Lew Blum

Lew Blum Towing, Philadelphia