OP-ED writer Lydia Hilliard's designation of those who philosophically disagree with President Obama as being racist is of itself racial prejudice.

I didn't vote for Obama. But I also wouldn't vote for Nancy Pelosi or Harry Reid, both of whom appear to be some shade of white. I wouldn't vote for Joe Biden. None of them, for any office, ever.

But I might vote for Condoleezza Rice or Colin Powell, both of whom appear to be some shade of black.

Political focus has nothing to do with race. I'd vote for Osbourne Black, Osbourne White or Osbourne Green if he had an actual plan to put the country on a path to fiscal responsibility with a balanced budget while supporting the needs of the less privileged. To date, Obama has fulfilled less than half this equation, and, at this point, doesn't deserve to be re-elected.

Don Flassing

Sewell, N.J.

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Unfair to Renee & others

Re the revelations about Renee Tartaglione:

This just shows how archaic and unfair to city employees the current administration and the City Charter are. Tartaglione has been a longstanding employee and provided service to many people over her career.

And she apparently did nothing illegal. There are concerns with her being politically active, which practically every other citizen in the country has the right to be.

But for some reason the current administration and some on City Council treat civil-service employees as second-class citizens.

David Krain, Philadelphia

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'Dog-loving goofball' responds

Sharon Wilson (letters, Dec. 3


I'm one of those "dog-loving goofballs." I couldn't give a gnat's navel how much moola Mike Vick makes.

You're not an animal lover? May God forgive you! He just may forgive Vick one day.

People like you and Mr. Webb are revolting barf.

Mark Anthony Vare


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Lew's chutzpah

Really, Lew Blum Towing criticizing the Philadelphia Parking Authority's towing procedures.

Pot meet kettle.

Joe Gavula