WHAT IS THE meaning behind

the Palin bus tour?

To connect with America? Prepare for a presidential run?

Nope. The purpose is to mock the liberal left. For years, since Sarah Palin burst onto the scene as John McCain's running mate, the liberal media has had one purpose - to destroy her. Now, with the 2012 presidential election looming, these personal attacks have increased. They claim Palin's poll numbers are low, she lacks intelligence and is simply a nonissue in the GOP primaries. And, worst of all, they said, Palin was just not a very interesting media personality anymore.

The bus tour has proven all these claims to be wrong. As Palin moves from city to city, the press has fallen all over itself trying to cover her, making a mockery of their supposed disinterest and disdain for her.

Why can't they leave her alone? Why do people who regard her as nothing more than a joke still devote so much airtime and print media to covering her? Because they fear her.

Palin represents everything the left despises, including the truth.

She's a pure conservative who's her own creation, and, as such, can't be destroyed by the media since she simply doesn't care what they think.

She believes in the founding principles of our nation - self-government, low taxes, strong military, and free-market solutions to our economic problems.

In other words, she believes in everything that the liberal left doesn't. So they will continue to mock her, follow her and watch her every move on this tour, with ever-increasing apprehension, and fear. Because if she runs, they know she'll win.

Stuart Caesar, Philadelphia