RE CHRISTINE Flowers' June 6 op-ed on Assistant District Attorney Jennifer Mitrick:

I've had dealings with Jennifer, as she handled a case that involved a family member.

Yes, I agree she may have used poor judgment, but sometimes love does that to people, and I'm sure it was an honest mistake.

Jennifer is a wonderful, caring person who made me and my family feel very comfortable in a terrible situation. She went beyond the call of duty by taking such good care of the children involved in our case. And she took time out of her personal life to visit these kids, even after the case was over.

Every promise she made to the kids she honored and had the kids come and visit so they could have a promised foot race through the halls at the courtroom.

As a parent, we were blessed to have Jennifer handle our case. The system wouldn't be as good if not for people like Jennifer Mitrick.

As there has been a lot of Jennifer-bashing recently, I think people need to look at all the good she has done. She is a wonderful person, and she has our respect forever! I have never met a more caring lawyer.

Robert Bryan


nolead begins

Curing the school mess

Every article and opinion piece in Monday's paper concerning the tangled mess in the Philadelphia School District budget points like a blinking neon sign to one conclusion:

We must return our schools to local control and oversight now. The state takeover, with its many charlatans, carpetbaggers and failed experiments, has victimized our children and wasted our money long enough.

We must return to a local board of education with a locally hired superintendent directly responsible to taxpayers.

Gloria C. Endres