City deserves options, not more taxes

I was disappointed that an article about Uber and Lyft operating in Philadelphia looked only at the revenue side of the issue ("Ride-share bill leaves out schools," May 24). Unfortunately, special interests, including the Philadelphia Parking Authority and the School District, see only the opportunity to grab more money by taxing riders.

In contrast, we should consider who benefits from ride-sharing. Services such as Uber, Lyft, and zTrip increase transportation options for underserved neighborhoods and expand job opportunities for low-income families. Ride-sharing has also been shown to reduce drunken-driving incidents. Additionally, ride-sharing has benefited disabled riders, as major cities use Uber and Lyft to provide transportation for residents with disabilities - even saving money by doing so.

It only makes sense that the birthplace of independence would give Philadelphians the opportunity to use ride-sharing and the choice and convenience that services such as Uber and Lyft provide. Don't let the desire for more money undermine services that benefit residents from all walks of life.

|Nathan A. Benefield, vice president of policy, Commonwealth Foundation, Harrisburg,