Follow fair plan

We join the Editorial Board in calling on Mayor Kenney to prioritize and fully staff the city's land bank ("Avoid bias in land sales," Wednesday). However, the call to at times let the market "do its job" will not advance equitable or sensible development in our city.

The administration must also fully empower the land bank to implement its strategic plan. That plan, created in partnership with members of the public, City Council, and neighborhood and organizational stakeholders, is the reason the land bank exists. If implemented, that plan will ensure all people - residents, nonprofit and for-profit developers, and Council members - have a say in how vacant land can be repurposed for affordable and accessible housing, commercial corridors, urban agriculture, open space, and private development.

|Amy Laura Cahn, staff attorney, Public Interest Law Center, and Beth McConnell, policy director, Philadelphia Association of Community Development Corporations, Philadelphia