Over the next few weeks, Philly.com hosts Mouthful, a podcast that features dramatic monologues highlighting the experiences and perspectives of young Philadelphians. These monologues, which are performed by professional actors, are produced by Philly Young Playwrights and Yvonne Latty, director of the Reporting the Nation program at NYU's Carter Journalism Institute.

Remember your first job?

Was it your worst job?

"I always say I don't have a worst job, but I do have jobs that did not give me as much energy," Chekemma Fulmore-Townsend told us in an interview. Chekemma is the President and CEO of the Philadelphia Youth Network, a nonprofit that connects young people to meaningful employment and educational opportunities.

"When I was in college I folded t-shirts at a local place called Steve and Barry's. And while folding t-shirts did not give me energy... I learned a lot about myself."

For current middle school and high school students, summer vacation is just around the corner. All across the city, region, and country, students and teachers alike are counting down the days until the final bell rings and school lets out.

Once that bell rings, though, many students will walk out of the classroom and into a job, from one kind of learning to the next. For them, summer vacation means time away from school, but it doesn't necessarily mean time off.

Summer is a time to get your feet wet in the job pool.

This week on Mouthful, a weekly podcast that places young people at the center of important conversations, we jump right into a conversation about jobs, sharing some funny stories about bad job experiences and taking some tips from an professional job optimist.

Get in on the conversation, share a laugh, and learn about the job prospects afforded to young people. Listen here.