Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton is a former first lady, and last Sunday she became the first woman to explore her candidacy for the 2008 presidential election. Which brought to mind this quiz - on first women of all sorts. Many thanks, as always, to the staff of the Central Library of the Free Library of Philadelphia for helping us ensure accuracy.

1. Pecan Rollers, Zingers, Donut Gems, the War of 1812. With or without the e, whom are we talking about?

2. Valentina Vladimirovna Tereshkova is not easy to say, but Sally Ride is. What are their respective distinctions? And since this is a rather easy question, what (related!) distinction belongs to Claudie Haigneré (née André-Deshays)?

3. This woman broke barriers when she made a searing announcement about her private life. Later, she founded a prominent center named after her. About whom are we talking (albeit vaguely)?

4. What do or did Rachel Jackson, Edith Wilson, and Florence Harding have in common? Hint: They were not the Supremes.

5. Match the woman to the endeavor in which she does what, mostly, the boys do.

a. Danica Patrick.

b. Laila Ali.

c. Lisa Randall.

d. Sobekneferu.

e. Katie Couric.

Professional boxing.


One of the earliest known female rulers.

TV anchor.

Race car driving.

6. A Sumerian priestess named Enheduanna created some hymns to the goddess Inanna about 2250 B.C. Some of these hymns have come down to us, making Enheduanna the very first - what? - we know of?

7. Junko Tabei got highest first. What did she accomplish?

8. Between 1857 and 1861, Harriet Lane was the "first lady" of the White House, even though she was never married to a president. How come?

9. In May, around Mother's Day, the U.S. Mint will release a series of coins that are remarkable in what way?

10. Remember Rachel Jackson, from question 4? What important skill

did she and Abigail Fillmore (Millard's wife) teach their respective husbands?

11. Only one female presidential mate ever has achieved a law degree and actually practiced law. Who?

Answers: C3.