With the continuing escalation by North Korea's Kim Jong-Il, we can now add the following to the dustbin of history: the Bush Doctrine and Cheney's 1 Percent Doctrine. Neither of these self-defense policies was followed after North Korea exploded its first nuclear device. Bush and Cheney bent over backward and sideways to justify a preemptive war with Iraq, but there was not even a whisper from the White House when Kim acted to become a nuclear power. Here is just another catastrophic failure of the Bush administration that President Obama has to deal with.

The Bush administration wasted its resources and political capital fighting a senseless war in Iraq, and when it came time to really put into practice its doctrines, it did nothing. North Korea is a case where there has never been a need to manufacture intelligence about weapons of mass destruction.

In the midst of these growing threats, Cheney continues to make the rounds telling everybody how safe he and Bush have made America. Poppycock!

George Magakis Jr.