Re: "How to create local jobs," last Friday:

Your article refers to the need for regionalism and the development of transportation facilities to help economic expansion and job creation.

There is one already built facility that fits these criteria, and we as a region are about to waste it. Willow Grove Naval Air Base in Horsham Township has been decommissioned by the Department of Defense, and was scheduled to be converted to an intergovernmental emergency preparedness facility, with limited corporate use of the runway for support of that mission. This arrangement was recently abandoned because of a lack of financial follow-through by the DOD.

The base could be converted to a regional business park with the added draw of a long, wide runway for use of the potential corporate tenants. However, since the state abandoned the project, the facility is at the mercy of local decision-making by Horsham Township.

If ever there was a project with regional potential but needing regional leadership, Willow Grove is it.

Roger Moog

Manager, regional aviation planning

Delaware Valley Regional Planning Commission