WILL BUNCH attacked me and the Host Committee of the Democratic National Convention for not being transparent about the list of our donors.

I certainly agree with Will that transparency is important, especially when it comes to donating to candidates and conventions. What Will is missing is that there will be transparency. A comprehensive list of donors, as well as information related to our fundraising and spending, will be made available to the public 60 days after the conclusion of the convention.

Our fundraising efforts are ongoing - and going well - and it is important that we not hinder that process as we enter the final weeks leading up to the convention. Once that process is complete, we do want that information to be available. We understand the press would like to review the list before the convention. But we will not provide information for a process that is ongoing, because it would not be a complete picture. Our list will be available to both the press and the public a full five weeks before the election - more than enough time for the press to make a full review of our sponsors.

That is the important part of transparency, and it is one that we are committed to fulfilling. So just be patient, Will. You will get to see all and, if you choose, tell all.

Ed Rendell, chair

Host Committee, DNC

I find it hard to believe I'm agreeing with Will Bunch, but here goes.

Only in Philadelphia, the birthplace of the Constitution of the United States of America and the first Continental Congress, will you find a convicted Democratic congressman, a superdelegate, supporting a Democratic candidate for the president of the United States under FBI investigation, while their Democratic colleagues stage a sit-in in Congress, led by a civil rights leader, protesting gun rights and wanting to take away your constitutional right of due process and the right to bear arms.

And liberals say conservatives are messed up. Our forefathers are rolling over in their graves as I type this out.

Americans better wake up.

Dan Dvorak

Phoenixville, Pa.